Monday, March 21, 2011


So packing food paid off AND I got a Ft. Lauderdale 2 day! I haven't been able to catch a break and get a trip here yet, so I was pretty excited to come, and even happier I brought food!

Stuck to my guns on the flight and NO airplane food! I had my left over red curry Thai and a half of Salad from Trader Joe's & snacked on the PB pretzel mix. Kept it simple and drank a lot of water, always important in the sky.

When we got in the Ft. Lauderdale it was fairly easy to motivate myself to workout, not only because the weather was beautiful but one of my favorite ways to explore a new city is to run it! I changed into my running attire, grabbed one last drink of water discovered a FRIDGE @ our hotel here (a major score, all fellow flight attendants know this!) & jetted out the door as the sun was setting. I was so eager to run and explore I didn't even grab my watch, didn't look at a map, and I rarely bring my cell phone on runs. (Although this time I considered it not for safety but for picture taking, opted not to because thought I would be annoyed carrying it) Well, needless to say, I should have brought my cell phone. Dur. Won't happen again if I am running in an unfamiliar city.
I prefer to run loops, not there and backs, so when I got to a point where maybe I thought I should turn around I just turned to make a loop. Well, Ft. Lauderdale is probably not the best place to do this, there is A LOT of water and not very many places to cross it. My leisurely jog that should have been about 5 miles turned into over 9.5, I mapped it on gmaps and will include the link for humor sake, I even left out a wrong turn on it. UGH. Sore feeeet that were already mad at me for running around in heels earlier, were extremely sore. Oh well, I did a few sit ups when I got back, and by a few I mean, like 50. Weak, but I was tired and so relieved to be back at my hotel I just surrendered to my workout.

Took a hot shower, and grabbed the chicken breast I packed out of the fridge. I was so exhausted I was just eating it because I knew I needed to. Had a couple bites of quinoa spinach salad, & a half of a Clif Zbar some chocolate flavor from the plane to satisfy a small sweet craving. Drank some more water &  happily headed to bed!

Since I am in a new city, I set my alarm early, just before 6 to get up and run thinking the sun would be up by now & my run would be even better for exploring with the sun out. Well, I woke up & it's still pretty dark so thought I would blog first & hope the sun peaks out soon. We have plenty of time before our show, 9am, but I will remind you, that's 6am west coast time. The thing that is keeping me motivated to be up this early to run this particular trip has a TON to do with the fact I haven't been to Ft. Lauderdale before.

 Been sipping on a water/5 hour energy mix & finished off that clif bar to get me through my run & when I get back as I get ready and pack up I will make my oatmeal and have a coffee (stevia sweetener and usually no cream or only ONE if I feel I really want it, I always have a little milk at home or whenever possible, but thats usually not an option in the hotel)

Then it's off to another day in the skies! Headed back to SF today and will have plenty of good food choices since I packed for a potential 4 day :) I hope this is helping others feel inspired to pack healthy foods and make better choices on trips. I know this is really experimental and rough around the edges so far, but it will get better and better, promise!

Happy Monday, Everyone!

OH, & for anyone who wants to laugh at my run, link is below. I left out a couple small wrong turns haha, NEVER again. On the plus side though, I got an extra long run in!


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