Monday, April 25, 2011

Ouch. I fell off. Hard.

Well, I did it again. I fell off. :(

Last weekend I went on an impromptu trip to San Diego where I played more than I worked out. Lots of cocktails, did okay on food, but didn't workout nearly enough. This was followed by one workout on Monday & Tuesday then I packed poorly for an on-call day at the airport & got called for a 4 day trip,where I slacked on my workouts, think I got a total of 2 in the whole 4 day, played a little too hard again & didn't eat that great, but not too terribly either. Salads, fruit, but also did fish & chips in the marina at Ft. Lauderdale :-/ Eeek.

It is funny to me that working out & eating go so closely hand in hand. When I am working out hard I am always eating much better too. When I workout I feel good & I don't want to be putting yucky food in my body. When I'm not working out as much I don't seem to mind eating some junky food. In my opinion its all the more reason to keep it up with your workouts!
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Wednesday, April 13, 2011


When you're on reserve we have what we call Airport Ready, or "airport appreciation," I am pretty sure I mentioned in a previous blog. On Sunday I was LUCKY enough to get "airport appreciation" from 6am-noon. Being quite certain it would be a boring day of sitting around the airport, looking forward to having time to work on my bid for next month & tour our new digs in the new terminal, I only packed enough food for the day pretty much, with the exception of my supply of oatmeal & a few packs of miso soup.

Wouldn't you know, just as I'm pulling into the parking lot about 5:30am that scheduling calls me to tell me they've assigned me a trip! As much as I want to fly, I was a little bummed! A two-day trip to JFK. My faaaavorite. I head in & check in, meet my crew and we head to the gate. What I thought was nagging allergies turned out to quite obviously be a cold mid-air. UGH. This leads to a total downward spiral in my eating for the day. In order to keep myself awake I am munching down on sugary and salty snack alike. ALONG with my celery and pb pretzels. UGH. Total fail for the day & to top it off when we finally arrived at JFK I felt miserable & retreated to my room skipping my workout making some miso & going STRAIGHT to bed. I felt pretty guilty for missing my workout & gorging the way I did on Sunday. So Monday was a little better. I ate much healthier but it didn't stop me from having not one, but TWO of the extra 1st class cheesecake bites. (If only you could try them, you would understand!) I still wasn't feeling to hot, but after we landed & I made my drive back home I forced myself to stop in at the gym since I was feeling a bit better after getting a ton of sleep. I got a 6 mile run in & some weights. Redemption. Well, a little anyway.

All in all, I'd say it wasn't a very good eating couple of days & I missed a workout day. But I am back at it & didn't let it turn into an ugly downward spiral. It is hard when you slip up to not lose focus but with a marathon & bikini season in the near future, I can't afford any lengthy downward spirals. Yesterday I was back at the gym, got in a 4 mile interval run & then hit the weights again & today I will head back again. Eating well is always easier at home, so my usual oatmeal, chicken, salad, apples, bananas. But don't get me wrong, I layed out in the sun yesterday afternoon & enjoyed an ice cold beer. It's all about being wise and making choices, it was that beer, or some PB pretzels for my afternoon snack. I chose the beer yesterday :) Then I made sure to work it off at the gym & ate well all day to help make it more acceptable!

Tonight I am going to try to make the Tone It Up Tilapia Citrus Ceviche, I LOVE LOVE LOVE ceviche & haven't had a chance to give this recipe a try, I will let you know how it goes!

Tone It Up's Tilapia Citrus Ceviche!

Alright guys, happy hump day! Please share any healthy ideas/tricks with me if you have them! XO

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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Take 2 - Second half of my last 4 day **AND Black Bean Quinoa Recipe!**

Alright, well, last couple days were interesting, but easy eating wise. I arrived in LA & did a 40 minute run before heading down to the hotel bar to watch the Butler v. UConn game. I brought my own salad down, our new salad on the plane, surprisingly good! Romain lettuce, black beans, corn, chick peas, tomatoes, & I think olives too. I added the rest of my salmon to it & used about half of the olive oil dressing that comes with it. It was actually really good & really filling. The perfect dinner with a couple beers while watching the game, even if Butler lost :( I got told by the waitress I couldn't have outside food, to which I kindly told her I had a "special diet" and couldn't eat anything there. She said I still had to leave. So I said I understood she was doing her job & if there was someone else I could talk to about it? She nicely said, yea, the manager, but she said I could stay and eat it as long as if he came over I told him she told me I had to leave. "Of course!" I'm not trying to get anyone in trouble here! Goes to show you what being nice (& probably buying  a couple beers too) can do for you!
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Sunday, April 3, 2011

McShaker? McSalad...? Mc.....

Does anyone remember what that weird salad in a cup thing at McDonald's was called?! Well, I think i recreated it tonight....once again, the beauty of hotel "cooking!" I'll get to that later...

Hellllo cold NY. I did my 7 mile loop this a.m. & trotted off to SF to hop on my flight. Delayed of course. We flew to NY via Vegas so it was a 2 leg day. I don't mind the 2 leg days at the beginning of a trip so much, its at the end of a trip where they seem a bit more painful.
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Black Bean, Corn & Avocado Quinoa! YUM!

Well, its that time again. Getting ready for a 4 day trip tomorrow. SOOO I hit the gym, then followed that with a trip to Trader Joe's to stock up.

This trip isn't too different from last as far as food choices BUT I must say, the quinoa this time is aaaamazing. I made a black bean, avocado, corn, red onion, olive red quinoa. It has a little cilantro, it is delicious. It is definitely the highlight of my food this trip :) I will include the recipe in my next entry. I promise it will not disappoint!
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