Sunday, April 3, 2011

Black Bean, Corn & Avocado Quinoa! YUM!

Well, its that time again. Getting ready for a 4 day trip tomorrow. SOOO I hit the gym, then followed that with a trip to Trader Joe's to stock up.

This trip isn't too different from last as far as food choices BUT I must say, the quinoa this time is aaaamazing. I made a black bean, avocado, corn, red onion, olive red quinoa. It has a little cilantro, it is delicious. It is definitely the highlight of my food this trip :) I will include the recipe in my next entry. I promise it will not disappoint!

I packed the usual alongside.... Oatmeal for the mornings, with added unsweetened dried blueberries this trip. I made four snack size bags of the PB pretzels and banana chips mix. Threw in three apples with a couple to go packages of nut butter. Two bags of cut celery sprinkled with sea salt, a couple miso soup packets aaaand a bag with spinach, grape tomatoes and salmon with some balsamic vinegarette. I also have several herbal teas packed in my bag. It always seems like SO much food but I find that if I am armed with lots of healthy food I don't go munching on other available snacks that aren't so healthy! I also threw in a Zico coconut water since I have been doing some pretty hardcore running to help replenish electrolytes. Oh & one more bag of the mango ginger trail mix from TJs. Don't think I will open it, but it is there just in case!

After my last trip I forgot to share that on the morning in LA I did my loooong 11 mile run I grabbed a banana at the Hilton for TWO dollars. I know it's only 2 bucks, but with that kind of inflation (a banana at  a grocery store is usually mayyybe 20 cents) you can understand how much it can suck to try to eat healthy while traveling all the time. Not only due to lack of options, but its insanely expensive most of the time. Bananas don't tend to keep well while traveling, but a fellow FA shared the trick of wrapping the banana in aluminum foil, I have one left over banana so I am giving that a try and throwing it in my bag too.

I know that sounds like a ton of food, but like I said, lots of healthy-ish stuff is good to have on hand. I hit the gym today & did 5 miles on the ellyptical with a weight circuit and will get a long run in tomorrow morning before I leave for SF. Gunna do the same 7 mile loop I did a few days ago, depending on how I feel when I arrive in NY tomorrow (I will likely just crash) then get a run in when I get into LA on Monday. My workouts are hard to plan because it depends on how I feel, if I don't get one in at night, I'll make sure to get one in the next morning. And sometimes I will squeeze an extra one in at a random time just because I can't sleep with all the time zone hopping. When I have down time in the plane you can catch me doing squats or wall sits sometimes....I get ridiculed a bit, but whatever :) Not much else to do sometimes in the bubble in the sky!

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend & I will keep you updated on how this trip pans out!

Ciao a presto <3

PS as always giving a shout to the lovely tone it up ladies who are in the middle of their bikini series! check it out at !! These fitness gurus NEVER disappoint

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Blogger Nicole said...

UMMM let me just say that I cannot WAIT for this recipe, it sounds absolutely delicious and I love anything with black beans & cilantro... and avo of course. nom nom nom.

03 April, 2011 01:29  
Anonymous C Los - NYC said...

Um you are the best Kell...Sounds like you are doing good things in the sky. Maybe you can talk to your airline about offering healthier options while in the sky?

Oh and GO YANKEES!!!

03 April, 2011 08:50  

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