Thursday, March 31, 2011

Delayed! (Blog & flights :( Sorry!)

That last trip was busy & full of weather issues! When we got into LA I got a run in (4 miles) & got to eat with my old roomie there...yayyy, a real meal! She made me some salmon, veggies & cous cous! I even had a late show the next morning so I got another workout in, 5 miles on the treadmill since it was chilly in the morning then some weights! As far as food, stuck to the oatmeal in the morning & finished off my quinoa. Apple with nutbutter for a snack & stayed away from bad airplane food! This is a little delayed so sorta keeping it short! I was delayed enough that I missed my flight to go play in Austin for the weekend :( But I made it there eventually & stuck to my guns still with food mostly! & we won't talk too much about my Austin trip. It was active at least, but definitely included a few too many tacos & chips/salsa/queso! Along with a few margaritas....but like I said still included some good runs in there with one of my bestest. So I think it all evens out!

I had to fly back on Sunday :( & got assigned a trip Monday, so was unable to pack for it. Luckily, I always have plenty of my oatmeal mix with me & just had to fork it out for airport salads from CPK or La Brea....keeping it light on the dressing & taking out any excess cheese. We also were fortunate enough to have extra fruit plates on the plane from First Class & so I had grapes to snack on! It was only a 2 day, so it was relatively easy to get by! I took Monday off with working out in order to get a nice long 11+ mile run in on Tuesday morning. It felt SO good. Made it home late late late Tuesday night & back home to the usual, slept most of the morning & got a good trail run in with the family dogs!

On call tomorrow, fingers crossed to stay home, I only have one day left.....promise if I get called I'll be back on the blog scene more consistently! Thanks for tuning in!

Ciao a presto!

PS Check out Nic's blog on her marathon journey (I'm running it too! but this crazy girl is cutting out alcohol, not happening for least not for this marathon!)

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Blogger Nicole said...

YAYYY... how am I able to subscribe to your blog so it notifies me when you post? Also, I will include a link to yours too. I haven't posted it on my Facebook page yet because I doubt anyone cares to read my musings!!! Hahaha <3 Yours are way more interesting!

31 March, 2011 01:15  

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