Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Back-back! Ahhh!

After I returned from my FLL trip on Monday afternoon I discovered I was assigned an early morning 3-day the next day to JFK & LA. I had already worked out Monday morning (my morning run in FLL went a lot smoother, clocked in a little over 4 miles & did a full tone it up ab series with some push ups and planks) then off on a LONG flight back. When I got home I contemplated a second workout of the day but needed to repack & get organized with food, not to mention my feet were still killing me! Plus I needed to leave my house at 4am at the latest the next morning & decided sleep was necessary.

I got a little sleep, was up and moving bright & early for my next trip. At that hour I'm usually not that hungry, but  know I need to jump start my metabolism. So I grabbed a coffee & lara bar as I ran out the door, a long with my liter kleen kanteen :) I saved my oatmeal concoction for when I got to SFO. Our show time (the time we meet the rest of the crew at the airport) was at 6:45am. A slightly more acceptable full breakfast time.

On the airplane I packed a similar food selection as my last trip. Our first leg was just to LAX, a short busy flight, then on our layover at LAX I snacked on one of the PB pretzel mixes. (See previous blog for more info!)
On the LAX-JFK flight I had packed some of the quinoa & spinach salad with a small chicken breast & snacked on the fruit & cheese plate we offer on board choosing  not to eat ALL the cheese or sweetened dried cranberries included. I also had a beg of cut celery on hand in case I was tempted to snack on anything else on hand. It really helped having the celery out and ready to munch on.

After arriving at JFK (and discovering I left my wallet in SF) I headed to the gym full of frustration. I am/was SO mad at myself & the only thing I can say positive about it is that it certainly helped fuel my workout last night. I did a hard/fast 4 miles on the tread mill, and even by the last couple miles the boredom was setting in & masking my frustration. The gym at our hotel here, is well, less than ideal, but it works. No free weights, or equipment at all so after I did some cardio I forced some push ups out, 3 sets of 15 for these weak arms. Did the same tone it up ab circuit & 3 sets of 20 regular squats & 3 sets of 20 curtsy lunges (10 each leg)

I headed up to my room & made dinner. Oh the joys of hotel "cooking." I picked the chicken curry salad out of a sandwich & made a packet of the Trader Joes miso soup adding sliced mushroom I brought and cut spinach. Not too shabby, I was so tired I didn't even make it all the way through my soup before I caught myself falling asleep & had to force myself outta bed to brush my teeth before crashing out.

Due to constant time changes I never am sure how I will sleep so I kept my workout attire out & ready in case I was having trouble sleeping this morning I could throw on my workout clothes & get a morning workout in. Luckily I slept like a baby last night & didn't even budge til my alarm went off this morning. I must have needed some serious sleep. I woke up & stretched, my body is definitely feeling sore from getting back into a good workout routine, & I know everyone says this, but it feels SO good too. Breakfast is going to be a Clif Zbar with water for now, its on 4:20am Pacific & I will save my oatmeal for later again.

Okay, wanted to get this out this morning & almost just delete the whole post by mistake so before I do it again I am going to wrap it up. I am including the link to the tone it up ab series I LOVE as well as their "Spring into Bikini Series" an 8 week series that is FREEEEEE to sign up for! Join with a friend, their workouts and motivational wisdom is so helpful!

Off I go, Happy Hump Day to everyone!


Ab Series

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