Monday, April 25, 2011

Ouch. I fell off. Hard.

Well, I did it again. I fell off. :(

Last weekend I went on an impromptu trip to San Diego where I played more than I worked out. Lots of cocktails, did okay on food, but didn't workout nearly enough. This was followed by one workout on Monday & Tuesday then I packed poorly for an on-call day at the airport & got called for a 4 day trip,where I slacked on my workouts, think I got a total of 2 in the whole 4 day, played a little too hard again & didn't eat that great, but not too terribly either. Salads, fruit, but also did fish & chips in the marina at Ft. Lauderdale :-/ Eeek.

It is funny to me that working out & eating go so closely hand in hand. When I am working out hard I am always eating much better too. When I workout I feel good & I don't want to be putting yucky food in my body. When I'm not working out as much I don't seem to mind eating some junky food. In my opinion its all the more reason to keep it up with your workouts!

So that all being said, I'm jumping back on! I got a workout in on Saturday. A pretty weak one, but I did something at least. I was still exhausted from my trip & playing too hard with my sister in the bay area on Friday night so I am glad I at least managed to do something :) Then yesterday before Easter brunch I got in a long but slow slow run, then followed it with a set of 10 hills. Then an afternoon hike with the doggies. Which was much needed after a little bit of indulgence during brunch! (Hey, it was Easter after all!)

I decided this week I am starting to calorie count to try to shed off a few of the extra lbs I still am trying to lose. I download a calorie counting app. MyFitnessPal,   and will use it to help me track/count my calories. I'm hoping it will help me be more diligent in making smart food choices & help me shed the extra weight instead of just maintaining my weight like I have been. The main motivation for this is because I need to speed up my runs a little more & losing the extra lbs. will help that a lot. Okay, Okay, the fact that it is bikini season doesn't hurt either ;-)

So to start the week I slept in, woke up threw on the workout clothes ate some breakfast (granola with almond milk, coffee w/ a splash of almond milk & half a banana) while I blog & watch sportscenter :) Headed to the gym in a few where I will run the trail outside of the gym (6 mile there & back) then do some squats, lunges & weights. Lunch will be a protein shake & dinner will be a salad of some description. I will be better this week, on updating & on eating & exercising! PROMISE!

On another happy note, it is my LAST WEEK being on-call! YES! Next month I have a set schedule. It will make it easier to plan for trips food-wise & plan exercising around everything too. I am really excited!

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